Italchimica uses its expertise in gently cleaning and conserving artistic works to help restore beauty to the Creator Vesevo open-air museum

(Padua, Italy) The road leading up to Vesuvius hosts a permanent museum of sculptures made from lava stone, and Italchimica, in consultation with the Municipality of Herculaneum, has been working pro bono to restore its former beauty. As Alessandro Fioretto, CEO of Italchimica, explained: “We were interested and delighted to receive the request from the Municipality of Herculaneum, and have lent our skills to help restore the works in the proper way.” Ten major international sculptors produced extraordinary works in lava stone for the Creator Vesevo exhibition, which was formally opened in 2005 by the then President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. It has greatly enhanced the road leading up to the cone of the volcano, becoming a new tourist attraction in a place with wonderful scenic views over the Gulf of Naples. The open-air museum has no artificial lighting, to prevent light pollution or harm to animals. But without any protection or regular checks, the works have suffered damage from vandalism, smog and harsh weather.

Italchimica is a specialist manufacturer of detergents and hygiene products, and one of its professional lines includes products and methods for cleaning and conserving monuments and artistic works. As Alessandro Fioretto pointed out: “It is not every day we get to work on lava stone, and indeed on works of great artistic value. We are fully satisfied with the results, and happy to have helped restore one of the attractions which brings tourists to the community of Herculaneum.” The Mayor of Herculaneum, Ciro Buonajuto, publicly thanked the Venetian company: “Thanks to the generosity of Italchimica, the work called “Gli Occhi del Vesuvio” has been restored to its original beauty.”

The products used in cleaning the statue are part of the Petranova line, and are made from biodegradable raw materials of natural origin. They do not contain any harmful components, and so ensure safety for the operators, for the work itself and for the environment. The lava stone sculpture has been perfectly cleaned, with the total removal of both the paint and the dirt caused by pollution over the years.


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