Company culture based on values

Shared values with diversity in mind

Our company culture is based on shared values such as transparency, speed and the importance given to creating true innovation in the chemical world to improve people’s

lives whilst respecting the environment. Shared values that foster an inclusive, collaborative and stimulating work environment.

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Multiple skills for innovative challenges

Multidisciplinary teams

The teams of the various business departments comprise a variety of talents and skills from different disciplines. A diversity that enables the company to face challenges with a holistic and creative approach, allowing it to always find innovative solutions.

Italchimica fosters a collaborative culture where every member of the various teams is encouraged to share ideas, knowledge and experience. We acknowledge that innovation comes from a plurality of perspectives and we are ready to listen to everyone’s ideas.

Guaranteed risk awareness and safety

A safe working environment

Employee safety is Italchimica’s top priority. We place special attention to creating a safe and healthy working environment by adopting the best health and safety practices and standards. Employees are trained to be aware of risks and operate safely.

Italchimica invests in people’s development, ensures a safe and stimulating environment and promotes a collaborative and innovative company culture. Italchimica is committed to making a positive contribution to society and the environment, thereby building together a sustainable future.


Italchimica was founded in 2003 by Alessandro Fioretto, who at the time was 23 years old together, with his brothers Marco and Fabrizio, and his father Nunzio. Alessandro is now the CEO, Marco is the MD for R&D, Safety and Operations, while Fabrizio Fioretto is MD and head of Sales Networks. Father Nunzio Fioretto is now the honorary president.


HR & Legal Affairs

Professional Sales Division

Consumer Sales Division

Plant & Safety

Export Sales Division


R&D, Quality, Regulatory Affairs & Environment

Marketing & Communication