Sustainable innovation

About us

Italchimica creates innovative and sustainable detergents, disinfectants and cosmetics that improve people’s quality of life and respect the environment.

They are safe and effective formulas designed for the professional areas of HORECA, large cleaning companies, sanitary facilities, as well as being also available on the consumer market.

Respect and innovation


Italchimica is a benchmark industrial player in Italy in creating, producing and marketing detergent and cosmetic formulas that contribute to improve people’s quality of life, while respecting natural resources, serving both the professional and consumer markets

quickly and proactively serving both the professional and consumer markets. With its reliable service and an organisation that is always in touch with its customers, Italchimica offers quick solutions and anticipates its customers’ needs.

Twenty years of success

Our history

Deeply rooted in Padua’s social and industrial fabric, Italchimica was established in 2003 by Alessandro Fioretto at the age of 23, together with his brothers Fabrizio, Marco and their father Nunzio. With its technical and scientific expertise and its industrial and logistical development,

the local area has enabled a small company focused on the professional detergent market to grow and become a key player in the detergent and cosmetics sectors, also for the consumer market, over the course of 20 years.


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Find out why transparency, speed and creation are key values for Italchimica

We believe in establishing a transparent and honest relationship with our stakeholders


Italchimica believes in a fully transparent approach. It believes first of all in transparent, respectful and honest communication, both in relation to its formulas and its environmental performance slogans, as well as in an honest relationship with its customers and stakeholders. It also believes that it must have a transparent approach as an economic player by disclosing its economic results as part of constantly updated financial communications. Plus, it believes in proving it has a supply chain where every step and raw materials used are strictly traced.

We work with an innovative drive, rigour and professionalism to promptly meet our customers’, partners’ and community needs


Innovative drive and quick feedback encapsulate one of the values that Italchimica puts into practice every day: speed. This means speed in replying to the customers and business partners who chose us. The same applies to future generations: tangible, prompt and meaningful actions for sustainable development, in keeping with the inescapable and pressing goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Professionalism, technical expertise and an innovative flair to progress and innovate, always with a flexible and adaptable approach


Only with a curious mind that is open to change can great things be created. The value of creativity refers to the establishment of the company, which is highly based on a professional and technical approach, an aspect still visible every day in an industrial manufacturer like Italchimica. Constant creation to always move forward whilst being highly adaptable.

The Italchimica dolphins are a successful story based on trust. This trust was placed by everyone who believed in this young company, embraced its mission and values,

and played a strategic role by bringing their energy, intelligence and liveliness, making Italchimica a leading player in the detergent and hygiene product market in the space of just 20 years.

Professional brands and consumers provide innovative detergents and cosmetics

Our business units

For the professional channel, our brands include Sanitec, Domina and Matrix, and we also work with wholesalers and partners in the hotel and catering industry, cleaning companies, nursing homes and hospitals. Our detergent, disinfectant and cosmetic formulations for home care and personal care are distributed in the consumer channel under the Dual Power and Dermomed brands.