The ITC Way

Italchimica’s lasting commitment to a sustainable future

Italchimica is committed to promoting sustainability through an approach that focuses on the environment, social issues and proper governance with the aim of creating long-term value for all its stakeholders.

The “ITC Way” refers to our enduring commitment to a better future. At Italchimica, choices are guided by responsibility towards people and the environment by operating in an ethical, sustainable and future-oriented way.

Our report

Sustainability Report

Our sustainability reports are prepared in compliance with the GRI Global Reporting Initiative model according to a materiality analysis that highlights our strategic focus areas so that we can work towards achieving the goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

This section features our latest sustainability report and its highlights, along with the archive of our previous reports. Through its many eco-efficiency initiatives, Italchimica aims to protect the environment and helps fight against climate change.

Sustainable commitment

For the environment

Italchimica believes that taking care of the environment is an essential responsibility. This is why it creates and promotes safe and effective chemicals and aims to reduce its carbon footprint by providing for CO2 measurement and monitoring actions, the use of renewable energy, the optimization of water resources and the implementation of sustainable waste management practices. Green Change Matters is Italchimica’s programme that stimulates, inspires but also encapsulates and communicates all the actions, innovations and company performance levels related to ESG – Environment, Social and Governance factors.

Art conservation

For communities and society

Support for medical research institutions.
Italchimica’s social commitment extends to the support of medical research institutions by supporting projects and initiatives that promote scientific and technological development in order to find innovative solutions to today’s medical challenges.
Italchimica is committed to preserving works of great artistic value. It provides pro bono contributions to the maintenance of historical monuments and artefacts of artistic interest to preserve cultural heritage.

Responsible Governance

Guided by Model 231

Responsible governance is at the basis of the company’s approach. Italchimica has adopted Model 231, a solid business management system that helps ensure legality, transparency and ethics in every business aspect. This model acts as a guides to prevent any wrongdoing and promote a fair and responsible corporate environment.

Culture trust respect

Employee health and safety

Italchimica promotes a safe and healthy working environment, and provides continuous training courses on health and safety issues. The company promotes a corporate culture based on trust, respect and diversity, allowing every employee to grow both professionally and personally.

Safe and sustainable products

Innovation and research for a sustainable future

Italchimica believes in the value of creation as an innovative drive and research for a sustainable future. It invests in R&D to create safe and environmentally friendly chemicals, thereby contributing to society’s well-being and taking care of the environment.