Innovative packaging and a powerful advertising campaign to support it

(Padua, Italy). An invention such as the Dermomed soap paper* Refill Box needs a wider communication effort, like all new innovations. It is indeed important to mention, especially to those who already make a responsible and cost-saving choice by buying soap refills, that there is now a sustainable alternative. Thanks to the Refill Box, the use of plastic is reduced by 95% compared to 3 Dermomed 300 millilitre bottles.

An unprecedented statement in the industry, a uniqueness in the market, a solution to a need not yet expressed. Monica Rigoni, marketing manager of Italchimica, explains “The Refill Box is already capturing the attention of many environmentally aware and sensitive consumers. After all, the gradual phasing-out of single-use plastics is inevitable, and it is important to realise this now”. For this reason, Dermomed has launched a major advertising campaign online and offline, with a claim emphasising the innovative nature of the product, targeting mainly women: “Are you ready for the new refill?” The model, with an infectious smile and bursting with energy, invites you to make a choice that “refills” not only yourself, but also the planet.

The campaign is designed to reach a wide audience, not limiting itself exclusively to the female target, through television channels such as Discovery and Warner Bros, as well as through posters in bus shelters in Rome and on advertising boards in Milan, strongly based on the fact that conscious purchasing choices reflect an increasingly widespread environmental awareness.

The advertisement is also planned in RCS’s women’s high readership magazines such as Natural Style, Amica, and F, and Mondadori’s Donna Moderna, to inspire and persuade a more conscious, positive change of purchase.

In addition to printed ads, multi-platform digital campaigns will be implemented, tapping into the unique opportunities for interaction with an audience already sensitive to sustainability topics. Initiatives are also planned on Amazon marketplace and influencer marketing activities.

The online and offline campaign will continue throughout the last months of the year, inspiring, educating and engaging consumers towards this conscious choice, with a message of vitality and commitment to a greener future.

*Packaging mainly made of cellulose