Actions to protect water resources, biodegradable raw materials, and extensive use of recycled plastic are among the environmental macro-issues that Italchimica addresses in its report.

(Padova, Italy) Italchimica has published its fourth Sustainability Report, produced voluntarily and according to the guidelines of the GRI Global Reporting Initiative. The report outlines the improvement actions undertaken on the issues dear to the broad audience of interested stakeholders, providing detailed reports of the results.

The report is part and parcel of the “Green Change Matters” programme, which encapsulates all the policies and initiatives relating to ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance – issues at Italchimica.

The main commitments made by Italchimica include the protection of water resources, the use of biodegradable raw materials, and the extensive use of recycled plastic. Sustainable water management is crucial for the production process that leads to the manufacturing of cosmetic and detergent formulas destined for both the mass consumer and professional markets. Italchimica reduced its water use, manufacturing 75% of concentrated detergent formulas and aiming to reach 80% within three years. Furthermore, the company has launched a recovery system that reuses 34% of rinsing waters internally, with the goal of increasing this percentage to 37% by 2025.

With regards to raw materials, in 2022, the company reached the milestone of 91% organic and easily biodegradable raw materials, including all surfactants in use. Another key point is Italchimica’s commitment to using 100% recycled plastic for specific product lines by 2030. A department dedicated to the production of a primarily cellulose-based packaging for a liquid soap destined for mass distribution was created in 2022.

“In 2023, we launched the measurement of process and product environmental footprints, which will give us a solid base to assess improvement actions relating to our carbon footprint”, explains Luca Pattarello, R&D Manager for Italchimica.

Italchimica CEO Alessandro Fioretto highlighted the importance of involving the entire organisation and supply chain in the awareness of and commitment to sustainability: “We firmly believe that our business must integrate all aspects of sustainability, from social and environmental matters to appropriate governance, in order to remain competitive and authoritative, even in the long term.”

PDFs of the Report and the highlights that summarise the key issues are available at this link