Guess which product? The new digital campaign for the Dermomed soap Refill Box

The innovative, semi-rigid, mainly cellulose packaging is the focus of the digital campaign for the Dermomed Refill Box.

(Padua, Italy). The silhouette of a mysterious productcan you guess what it is? – captures the attention of the digital audience in a video that, in just a few seconds, showcases the main qualities of the Dermomed hand soap Refill Box, specifically: its innovative design and features, unusual in the refill sector, its semi-rigid, practical, easy-to-handle and durable structure, and its renewed, skin-friendly formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid and glycerine.

The Dermomed hand soap Refill Box is effectively one of a kind in the refill market, given it’s made primarily of cellulose material, reducing the plastic component by up to 95% if we consider three 300-millilitre Dermomed bottles.

The digital campaign, designed by Fornace, is aimed at an environmentally-aware audience that makes conscious, sustainable purchases. The Refill Box can, as a matter of fact, be disposed of as paper waste and reduces the use of non-recyclable plastic.

Short, animated banners further reiterate the concepts, highlighting three letters: R for Recycling, S for Soap and P for Practicality. A quick, incisive message that gets straight to the point to showcase the product and its uniqueness. The videos and animated images will appear in social media feeds and stories on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to Youtube and the main Google websites visited by the identified target. A campaign that leverages the incredible possibilities offered by communicating with specific target audiences on social media networks, but which is also told through a collaboration with influencers Francesca Piccinini and Michela Coppa, two popular figures in the female world who reflect the values of the Dermomed brand.