The new Dermomed My Moments

Dermomed launches the latest body wash and hand wash range for daily sensory well-being

(Padua, Italy). With the new Dermomed range, Italchimica focuses on the sensory experience, inviting you to pamper yourself with the new original versions of body wash and hand wash, and to focus on mental and physical well-being in your daily cleansing routine.

With this in mind, Italchimica’s research, in synergy with the most prestigious perfume houses, has created formulas that create moments of intense well-being. Monica Rigoni, Marketing Director Italchimica, points out: “Dermomed My Moment redefines the concept of daily cleansing by combining it with a sensory experience that transforms the moment of showering into an opportunity to focus on one’s well-being“.

The body wash and hand wash range is available in nine original fragrances, each offering a specific sensory benefits, from which they take their name. Market trends suggest that now, more than ever, people are looking to choose a product based on the experience it provides. This is why Dermomed is committed to offering a wide range of products to suit different tastes and needs.

Here is the full range:

  • The VITALITÀ Lime Body Wash recharges and moisturises the skin with its tangy, citrus notes.
  • The ENERGIA Mango Body Wash energises and moisturises the skin with its enveloping and tropical notes.
  • The NATURA Body Wash makes the skin naturally soft and moisturised with its fresh botanical notes.
  • The BEAUTY White flowers Body Wash makes the skin silky and moisturised , with its sweet and precious notes.
  • The TONICITÀ Ginseng Body Wash revitalises and moisturises the skin with its tangy, aromatic notes.
  • The SENSUALITÀ Argan Body Wash moisturises and seduces with its intense vanilla notes.
  • The RELAX Iris Body Wash moisturises and smooths the skin with its sweet and powdery notes.
  • The CAREZZA Almond Body Wash leaves the skin soft and moisturised with its sweet and enveloping notes.
  • Last but not least, PUREZZA with Aloe, exclusively in the hand wash variant, has a particularly refreshing action.


The new moisturising and gentle formula

Each product in the new Dermomed My Moment range contains hyaluronic acid and glycerine for deep, long-lasting hydration, while maintaining a neutral pH for optimal dermal compatibility. In addition, an active ingredient extracted from ground Guar seeds provides a soft feel to the skin. Dermomed My Moment body washes and hand washes respect even the most delicate skin, leaving it smooth, moisturised and velvety.

Design with tangy notes of colour

The aesthetics of the bottles present a combination of sobriety and vibrant touches of colour in the different logos that identify each of the benefits. For example, the V of VITALITÀ with lime immediately evokes the citrus notes of this fragrance. The same goes for the N for NATURA, which at first glance evokes the botanical essence of the product, with its natural and vegetable references. The B in BEAUTY is adorned with elegant white flowers, while the E in ENERGIA is illuminated by juicy mangoes. This stylistic, functional and aesthetically striking approach, where even the bottle caps follow the colour nuances of each logo, ensures consistency and recognisability.

What do consumers say?

The results of a consumer test, in which the new products were used for two weeks, showed positive feedback not only on the originality and pleasantness of the fragrances, but also on the sensations and perceptions reported. These were the most recurrent statements:

  • it makes the skin supple
  • the skin of the body looks more nourished
  • it maintains the skin’s moisture
  • the skin of the body is softer
  • application feels pleasant
  • gently cleanses the skin
  • leaves a “silky” feeling on the skin


Dermomed My Moment body washes and hand washes are available in a variety of formats designed for ease of use and effective shelf display.