During the third edition of Sustainability Week, Luca Pattarello, Italchimica's R&D Manager, explained the company's commitment to responsible and transparent management and the many measures it has taken to reduce its environmental impact.

The Sustainability Week was the ideal stage to showcase Italchimica’s best practices in the field of ESG – Environmental Social Governance. The event, promoted by Confindustria Veneto Est, focused on the theme of G for Governance, examining the commitment of the boards and top management in adopting business models that take into account environmental and social aspects in order to grow in the market.

Luca Pattarello, R&D and Regulatory Manager at Italchimica, explained the company’s social reporting journey, which began five years ago and has led the company to record all its impacts, publicly evaluate its performance and set targets for improvement in accordance with the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Italchimica’s sustainability development programme is called “Green Change Matters” and includes training and information activities on the most important issues for the company’s stakeholders.

We are now preparing the fifth edition of our Sustainability Report, which involves all the company’s departments and promotes active dialogue with our stakeholders in order to identify actions for continuous improvement“, explains Mr Pattarello, adding that “Occasions such as the Sustainability Week are strategic for activating synergies with other production entities in a virtuous circle that must lead to the sustainable development of our communities and our territory”.

The manager took the time to illustrate the company’s best practice in the area of water resources, highlighting the fact that 34% of wash water is recovered. He spoke about the decision to favour biodegradable materials in detergent and cosmetic formulations and the use of recycled plastic in bottles. “There is really no doubt that sustainability has to be part of the business model. Our customers and consumers want it and we as citizens want it” concludes Mr Pattarello.


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