Italchimica achieves certification for gender equality

Many actions planned to promote women's empowerment

(Padua, Italy) TUV Italy has awarded Italchimica the gender equality certification according to UNI PdR 125:2022 (United Nations International Professional Development Registry). This award confirms Italchimica’s commitment to promoting an inclusive and respectful working environment, in line with the UN goals of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

The company considers diversity and inclusion to be fundamental pillars for the success of the company and for the creation of a fair and satisfying work environment for all.

Stefano Belloni, Human Resources Director, emphasises: “The aim is to create an environment in which each individual, with their own characteristics and circumstances, is put in the best possible position to grow and contribute to the company’s success”.

The company recognises that this certification is only the beginning of a continuous improvement process and encourages concrete actions: “The establishment of a Gender Policy Steering Committee and the creation of a system for receiving both anonymous and signed reports are strategic to promoting a safe and respectful work environment” says Mr Belloni. In fact, Italchimica has activated a platform that guarantees anonymity in case of suggestions or problems, in particular to identify discriminatory acts that violate the Code of Ethics, the Equality Policy or any other rule that protects integration and equality. The platform also acts as a repository for improvement ideas and has proven to be a practical system for promoting ethics and responsibility within the organisation.

Training on issues of gender equality, stereotypes and harassment began in 2023, with the aim of complementing this with in-depth studies on language in the current year.

Italchimica has implemented concrete measures to support women and parents, such as training plans for the return from maternity and paternity leave.

Italchimica has invited all employees and stakeholders to take an active part in this improvement process, believing that everyone’s collaboration and contribution are fundamental to consolidating a corporate culture that reflects the values of fairness, respect and diversity.