Dermomed expands its reach with a product placement in "La Ruota della Fortuna” (The Wheel of Fortune)

(Padua, Italy) Dermomed expands its reach, efficiently covering the pre-evening segment of Canale 5 screens through a product placement in the new edition of “La Ruota della Fortuna” (The Wheel of Fortune). “The experience is absolutely positive, considering the program has enjoyed peaks of 4 million viewers,” states Monica Rigoni, Marketing Director at Dermomed. The new edition of the successful and legendary TV game show went to air between 6 May and 2 June, hosted by Gerry Scotti. For Mediaset, it was an opportunity to celebrate 100 years since the birth of Mike Bongiorno (born on 26 May 1924), the legendary Italian TV presenter.

For the Dermomed brand, this TV product placement follows an intense advertising campaign in women’s magazines and solid digital programming, which is now also reaching a large audience of TV viewers. “The Wheel of Fortune is a form of light-hearted, playful entertainment and was the perfect choice for linking our brand to a moment of fun, well-being and laughter,” adds Rigoni. “We are confident it will have a very positive impact on the perception of our cleaning and body care products.”

Dermomed sponsored 12 episodes, during which its logo was featured on one of the wheel wedges. In addition, Gerry Scotti also introduced the brand at the start of each episode and Dermomed products took centre stage in video clips, which were replayed when the winners claimed their prizes. Five lucky contestants who happened to land on the Dermomed wedge correctly guessed a letter and won a variety of products, including Refill Boxes in the three Sensuality, Relax and Purity variants, an Almond, Iris and Argan-scented hand soap and shower gel, and, lastly, the Calendula, Cornflower and Lichen intimate washes.