The new, easier-to-use Sanitec catalogue: a more intuitive layout and revamped content

For Interclean 2024, Sanitec presents its new catalogue, with a more user-friendly layout and updated content, printed on FSC-certified paper. Featuring more than 200 products, it has been carefully designed to provide operators with a practical and intuitive reference document. Sanitec’s formulations are categorized by area of use, from laundry to kitchen cleaning, multi-surfaces to personal care and even pools and stone surfaces, making it quick and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.


The new Sanitec catalogue is defined by its modern, uncluttered graphics, with the distinctive brand box repeated not only to provide a visually appealing presentation, but also for easy reference.


Information is clear and concise, with a QR code placed next to each reference, to easily open the relevant data sheet. The names of Ecolabel and PMC (Italian certification for disinfectant products) certified products are placed above a label of the same colour as the certification logo, so green and red, for immediate identification. All PMC products come with a table summarizing the active ingredient, relevant regulations and conditions of use.


The catalogue features in-depth chapters devoted to the L-Brain intelligent dosing unit for professional laundries, the Trilogy modular system for professional mechanical dish-washing, and Dosy Cabinet, a practical dosing system for concentrated detergents for the facilities sector.

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