“Time for you, with full peace of mind.”The new Dermomed website invites your female audience to a new beauty routine where cleansing becomes a well-being opportunity

(Padua, Italy) Italchimica launched the new website of its Dermomed brand comprising hand wash, body and intimate wash products, and featured in the main large retailers and drugstores. Conceived as a unique skincare experience, the website is the perfect combination of advanced dermatological science and holistic wellness.

The distinctive and defining theme is the concept of time dedicated to oneself: cleansing becomes a wellness experience in the broadest sense of the term. “Time for you, with full peace of mind” is the essence of Dermomed’s new communication campaign.

The website has a section with tips, mainly intended for its female audience, to explore the eight different fragrances based on their needs. Would you like a break? Then choose iris, which encourages meditation, or aloe for its anti-stress effect.

Dermomed MyMoment provides a new advanced skincare routine that focuses on awareness, where the emotional impact of fragrances and liquid products, plays a fundamental role in finding harmony, energy, purity and a sweet enveloping sensation.

The website features Dermomed’s wide range of products, hand, body and intimate washes. It also provides detailed information on ingredients, which have been carefully selected for their high quality and dermo-compatibility. Dermomed formulas, all strictly microplastic-free, contain bipanthenol, glycerine and hyaluronic acid and have been chosen for their soothing, moisturising and elasticising properties.

The ‘Dermomed for the planet’ section illustrates the responsibility actions promoted by the brand. A key example is the innovative refill box, mainly made of cellulosic material, which reduces the use of plastic by 95% compared to three 300 ml Dermomed bottles. An innovation much appreciated by consumers who make environmentally conscious choices. The refill box for liquid soap is currently available in the Relax, Sensuality and Purity variants. Dermomed bottles are made from at least 30% recycled plastic and feature intuitive graphics to ensure proper disposal.

Lastly, Dermomed My Moment will soon offer a section focusing on news, advice and lifestyle themes. Covering a wide range of topics, from daily skincare to insights into dermatological science and general well-being, the website is designed as a trusted source of information and inspiration.

In conclusion, Dermomed My Moment is a significant evolution in the world of skin care and with the new website – created by the shock-wave web-agency – it offers a new concept of cleansing, to truly make it a personal care moment.

Go to http://www.dermomedmymoment.com/