The new video presentation is a tribute to employees where company roles mix and chemistry between people drives innovative, effective and sustainable chemistry

(Padua, Italy) Italchimica celebrates the 20th anniversary of its foundation with the launch of a new corporate presentation video. The video is a tribute to its people and highlights the importance of human relationships in fostering a stimulating and collaborative work environment.

The actors features are the employees who, at a pressing pace, swap roles, putting themselves in each other’s shoes: we find management in the production line, sales in management and marketing in research as roles can be exchanges only with the right empathy.

The message is that effective chemistry is built first and foremost through chemistry between people because when people work with harmony and enthusiasm, you create an environment where innovation can thrive.

According to CEO Alessandro Fioretto: “With the new video we show who we are, the enthusiasm and energy with which we do our work with the aim of making chemistry a driver for people’s quality of life and we reaffirm our values: transparency in relationships, responsiveness and creation for constant innovation.

We firmly believe that chemistry between people is the foundation of our success. When people work together, they generate brilliant ideas, achieve ambitious goals and create an exciting working environment”, says Fioretto.

The video was directed by Quasar Corporate, a production company specialised in the creation of audiovisual content.

Watch the video on Italchimica’s YouTube channel